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EyeHealth Northwest patients share their experience with EyeHealth Dry Eye Center of Excellence. Click the playlist below to hear their stories.

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TearScience® mission is to improve how Dry Eye is managed by helping doctors find and treat the root cause of most sufferers disease. Kerry Hagen, MD of Eye Health Northwest has been quietly improving outcomes for hundreds of dry eye patients for over a year using the breakthrough LipiFlow® treatment. We are very pleased to recognize Dr Hagen's leadership with the TearScience® Center of Excellence award and his commitment to the ongoing education of his colleagues.

--Tim Willis, President and co-founder, TearScience® Inc.

The TearScience® Center of Excellence award recognizes the forward thinking contributions of a very few leading physicians in the advancement of patient care for Dry Eye Disease. Kerry Hagen, MD of Eye Health Northwest has spent more than a year understanding and educating colleagues on the etiology of most patients dry eye disease and safely treating it with improved efficacy. All should be grateful for his dedication and thankless effort.

--Donald R Korb, OD, co-founder, TearScience®, Inc.

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